Looking for a way to Serve at Growing Oaks Community Church? 

Everyone has been given talents and gifts from God to serve Him, all we need to do is find out what our talent is! Easier said then done, right? Finding your gift/s may come super easy to you and you know exactly where you want to serve. Others may not have realized their gifts yet and are not sure how God can use them to further His kingdom. I just want to say that it is okay no matter which situation you are in. God reveals our gifts and talents as we grow spirtually with Him! Sometimes we need someone that is more spritually mature to help us find our gifts. 


If you know what your talent is and know where you would like to serve, sign up below!

If you are still wanting to serve, but have no idea what gifts God has given you, good news you can still sign up below, just choose the option Unsure and we will have a Pastor and/or Leader reach out to you and help you find a Ministry for you to serve in!